--> ❀She has fashion orgasms❀
❀She has fashion orgasms❀

This is my fashion blog. (none of these pictures are mines unless stated otherwise). I'm in love with fashion. It makes me feel alive sometimes. Fashion is being who you are or being who you want to be . I want you all to explore my beautiful blog..For you, all you fashion addicts. enjoy

Nandi Macalou by Ester Grass Vergara
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Trans woman? More like man.


observe all the fucks i give about transphobic bottles of expired milk who try to bring down my identity but are too scared to show their own xoxoxoxo

get it!!! lol

I first heard this remix of both songs on youtube Jimmy Kimmel live. I fell in love with this version. So I took advantage and downloaded the song..  I decided to upload it on tumblr, because no one has this version on here. so enjoy The Weeknd beautiful version of both songs. I hope he record a real single out of this


Lmao , wtf ?

Agent Provocateur fall / winter 2014 

Agent Provocateur fall / winter 2014 
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Elizaveta Adamenko in “Sogni E Risvegli” by Pamela Hanson for Vanity Fair Italia, August 2014.

alberta ferretti spring 2014

Donna Karan F/W ‘14 campaign.